Ken Seneff

Co-founder and CEO

Ken Seneff

Ken"Chief of everything bagels officer"Seneff

"I'm doing so good, man."

As principal of the company, Ken manages client relationships, project workflows, and provides creative direction on projects. Ken consults with clients to identify and implement the best use of technology, design, and development.

When not at work, he's usually spending time with his wife and kids in Spring Arbor.

Brandon Ansel

Co-founder and CFO

Brandon Ansel

Brandon"White Smoke"Ansel

"What's happening brother?"

Brandon started no less than seven successful businesses in the tech and food service industries. As CFO, he balances LLM's budget and confers with Ken on big decisions.

Brandon's greatest passion is his wife and four children. He likes to write as a hobby, and he doesn't take himself too seriously. Brandon's rapper name is White Smoke.

Stu Kail

Business Development

Stu Kail

Stu"The Life of the Party"Kail

"Are you on the internet today?"

Stu fosters partner relationships and gives his insights into the development of the company.

When he's not being a professional in the "interwebs" marketplace, he's got a line in the water fishing. He's also a proud father of 3 kiddos and a faithful husband to a "way out of his league" wife.

Brandon Marken

Chief Marketing Officer

Jake VanAtta

Brandon"The Great Brandino"Marken

"I'm here to help. . ."

As Local Logic Media's Chief Marketing Officer, Brandon fosters business to business relationships and creates our company's awesome marketing plans.

Brandon is passionate about his family, football (especially U of M) and reading. Maybe not in that order all the time though!

Matt Dickinson

Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Matt Dickinson

Matt"Stepheaded Redchild"Dickinson

"It's possible. . .but. . ."

With a BA in computer science, Matt is the go-to guy for in-depth programming and database management. While others in the office design software features, he's usually the one who makes them work.

Matt likes Irish mythology and birdwatching, and dreams of one day building a Hobbit hole in his backyard. He lives in Spring Arbor with his artsy wife, Angie.

Daniel Bradley

Web Development Director

Daniel Bradley

Daniel"Sk8r Boi"Bradley

"Well. . . Let's be real. . ."

With a passion for crisp and clean code and webpages Daniel enjoys writing HTML and CSS that captures the eye. With a knack for picking up software and new coding languages he strives to produce excellent websites.

Daniel enjoys photography, longboarding, and cooking. Daniel is married to an incredibly smart and witty lady. Together they enjoy traveling to new places and joking about everything. . . mostly each other.

Joel Merren

Design + Photography

Joel Merren

Joel"The Nice One"Merren


With an excellent grasp of the principles of design, Joel knows what looks good and why. He's proficient in web design, photography and identity imagery (logos and such). He has a degree in Fine Art and his work has placed in several art shows.

Joel is a closet nerd who is quite opinionated, but always caring and kind. He helps keep the atmosphere of the office light and fun.

Andy Grzyb

Design + Web Developer

Andy Grzyb

Andy"Andysaurus Rex"Grzyb

"Wait. .What'd you say???"

A passionate artist, Andy can quickly turn out excellent web designs. He holds a BA in Graphic Design and Art, and continues to challenge himself creatively.

Andy is also passionate about making music, and he likes to travel to new places. Oh, and it's pronounced "Grib".

Troy Coston

Project Coordinator

Troy Coston


"Hey, two things. . ."

As Local Logic Media's project coordinator, Troy oversees projects as they begin and sees them through to completion. He "pretty much" runs everyone's schedule while masquerading under the guise of a college student.

At the end of the day, Troy is just a dude from Ohio with an unexpectedly strong Southern accent. He has terrible taste in college sports teams, but we still love him regardless.

Ryan Kilgore

Web Developer

Ryan Kilgore

Ryan"Killin' It"Kilgore

"Sweet, sounds good"

Ryan is a Web Developer who has an eye (and may be slightly OCD) for pixel-perfect perfection. Having dabbled in programming since he was 12, he always amazes the crew with the speed he finishes projects.

On the side, he designs, programs, and composes for his own personal video game development projects. No, he's not geeky at all....

Greg Nagy

Quality Assurance Engineer

Greg Nagy

Greg"Good Guy Greg"Nagy

"Oh, Wow"

Greg is a backend developer who quickly proved himself too valuable to remain an intern. He dabbles in both client-side and server-side programming, and loves to come up with new uses for any technology.

Greg is both easygoing and adventurous, and he will destroy you at Ping Pong.

Stephen White

Software Developer

Steven White


"Too soon? Too soon!"

Stephen is a philosopher who just so happens to really love coding.

He focuses mainly on back end, which means that he doesn't get to work with the other office geniuses as much as he deserves, but has to deal with Matt and Greg all day.

When not coding, you can usually find him studying for a math class or diving into philosophy debates.

Jake VanAtta

Client Success Representative

Jake VanAtta

Jake"not from State Farm"VanAtta

As one of Local Logic Media’s Client Success Representatives, Jake helps our clients create and execute marketing strategies. Jake graduated with a Marketing Degree from Central Michigan University, and now is taking his experiences in the food industry to help the growth of Restaurant Logic.

In his free time, you will probably find him roughing kids up on the hockey rink. But we all know him as the easy going guy from East Lansing who likes hanging out with friends and family. Oh, and he LOVES bacon.

Courtney Bradley

Client Success Representative

Courtney Bradley

Courtney"Court Court"Bradley

"Does that make sense?"

Courtney comes up with brilliant marketing ideas in her sleep - always searching for the next best idea to help our clients succeed. She's a real sweet talker with a passion for helping businesses grow.

Courtney loves adventuring to new places; she loves big cities and one day would love to live in Seattle (maybe it has something to do with her coffe addiction?). Courtney has a great sense of humor and won't shy away from making a joke.

Megan Fluharty

Client Success Liaison

megan fluharty

Megan"Flu Flu"Fluharty

"Do you have any work for me?"

As a client success liaison, Megan's job is to help our clients be rockstars and grow sales using the web. She wears many hats in the office with experience in account management, business development and design. All while, tackling the life of a college student. She might as well be the boss.

Megan is a busy body that is always on the go. She enjoys playing her ukelele, traveling, and baking to her heart's content.

Mohammod Islam


Mohammod Islam


"Who is this?"

Mo manages the books around the office. With a bachelor's in economics Mo firmly believes we can be more efficient in everything we do and helps us reach that goal.

Mo enjoys a little bit of peace and quiet in his down time. Mo enjoys cosmology and the simple things in life.