Why We Make Software

In all we do, our goal is to benefit small businesses using the internet. In talking to business owners, we realized that keeping track of customers and connecting with them can be a lot of work. Here are a few things small business owners regularly do:

And so on. Hoping to make our clients' lives easier, we made a piece of software that allows you to do all of these things (and several more) from one place without much effort. We simply called this creation the Logic Engine.

The Logic Engine

Our first niche was restaurants, and our flagship software is Restaurant Logic. This has been an incredible success--because restaurant owners found it so useful--and we decided to make new versions of the software tailored to other industries with similar needs. Enter Agency Logic for insurance agencies, Auto Repair Logic and Car Wash Logic.

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Logic Leads

We also made Logic Leads, a system that connects insurance marketers with clients in their community at a specifically targeted time: when clients are making an insurance decision based on an expration date or event. We made this to solve a problem our friends in the insurance business face: that cold calling yields a poor return on one's time investment, and current leads systems have become an oversaturated market with too much competition.

Logic Leads fetches and aggregates data, then generates timely leads based on that data. The result is these leads are people who are already about to make an insurance decision.

To inquire about Logic Leads, email leads@locallogicmedia.com

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